Call for works

Due to current lock-down restrictions in the U.K. and Wales we are currently working on a streaming basis for event with artists contributing either live over Zoom/Ninjam or via recorded submission; with audience watching over Zoom and Facebook.

lynpcl2OscilloScope is currently calling for proposals for the events programme. Situated in Llanfairfechan (North Wales). This ongoing event takes place on the last Tuesday of every month and focuses on electronic experimental music. It is set up as a performance and developmental event where composers and artists are encouraged to come and trial new work in front of an audience made up of other creative types and members of the public. For more info on dates please see the events widget on the left hand side of the page (possibly at the bottom of the page depending on your browser).

We are looking for works and performances that will be able to explore sound and its relationship with the arts; projects that focus on the development of work processes though sound, technology and creativity.

Soundcraft_M122We offer a performance space, use of a stereo speaker setup (more intricate arrays can be supplied if you give us advanced warning), and chance for artists to go out on a limb in a supportive environment and audience members to hear something genuinely new. On the technical side we can accept line level signals from 6.35mm balanced jack, or mic level impedance via XLR for other signal levels or connection types it is best to check first. A link to the Soundcraft M12 desk specification can be found by clicking on the image.

For those who like to use the mixing desk as more of an interface/instrument it is recommended that you bring you bring your own and DI in as it makes complex change-overs between artists less time consuming.

While the call for submissions is ongoing, we are encouraging artists who wish to be considered for the event at the end of each month to please apply before the 15th. You can still turn up on the day to play but we can’t guarantee you a slot.

If you wish to be considered please make a submission via the form. Please provide your contact details and as much information about the work you intend to do as possible. Web links including audio and video are very helpful.

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