Oscilloscope 12

Hi All, Yet another month has flown past and with it another Oscilloscope event! This brings us up to the end of the the first year of these events and what a year. Thank you so much to all who have performed, listened and supported 🙂 Last night’s write-up come’s from Dafydd Roberts who will […]

OscilloScope VII: Back with 2017

Well hello! It’s the last day of January already where did that go? OscilloScope returns for 2017 and this is a nice thing in a year which so far has been geo-politically bonkers. Tonight’s lineup included a first time out (as far as I can remember, please correct me if I am wrong) for 2 […]

September’s Event

Well that was a great night! We had work from: Hopewell Inc. (Kathy and David Hopewell), Alex Bailey, Me (Ed Wright), Harrison Ridley, Charles Gershom, Huw McGregor and Phil Layton. There was a real diversity of music ranging from Harrison’s gestural control, which we all got to have a go with over a cuppa through […]


Just a brief one today to say thank you very much to all involved last night 🙂 We had music from Adam Boyes, Andrew Hodges and Phil Layton. It was great to have such a diversity of work with Andy’s fixed piece, Adam with cassette tapes (including looped ones) and FX, and Phil’s work with […]