OscilloScope is monthly event based in Bangor (North Wales) focusing on electronic experimental music.

It is set up as a performance and developmental event where composers and artists are encouraged to come and trial new work on the last Tuesday of the month in-front of an audience made up of other creative types and members of the public.

The event was brought into being to fill a bit of a void in the creative process. Often artists have ideas which are not fully realized for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this can be due to lack of performance opportunity, often an idea can be very strong but not commercial enough. Additionally some things just don’t work in a concert hall, there are often parallels between electronic music performance and close-up magic, and yes, there are moments when you put it on a large stage and some the skill, detail and err.. magic, is lost. At other times massive amounts of energy can be channeled into fulfilling commissioned work leaving little time or head-space to  simply be creative.  Above all this event is there for people to take some risks and get work ‘out there’.

We can offer a performance space, use of a pair of speakers, a focus, and chance to go out on a limb in an supportive environment.

We actively encourage people to come along, chat, look at different musicians set-ups, exchange ideas, have a listen, and have some tea and biscuits!

Please keep an eye out for our monthly event details and call for works/artists