Oscilloscope 12

Hi All,
Yet another month has flown past and with it another Oscilloscope event! This brings us up to the end of the the first year of these events and what a year. Thank you so much to all who have performed, listened and supported 🙂
Last night’s write-up come’s from Dafydd Roberts who will be well known to regulars as some one who has ticked all the ‘performed, listened and supported’ boxes with great finesse, so it leaves me only to say thank you all, see you next month and over to Dafydd…

Another fine evening of drone up at Oscilloscope. I really enjoyed the higher than average element of show and tell. Possibly the most challenging piece was Phil Morton and Andrew Leslie Hooker’s joint work deconstructing some text performed, recited and torn asunder by Phil. A demonstration of e-bowed un-tuned acoustic guitar generating beats and feedback was timbrally rich, hypnotic and visceral.



Andrew and Ed also performed a piece for NIMB and violin, this really hit some sweet spots I think. With the theremin-esque Hornet device Ed seemed to carve frothy frequencies out of the ether, good to hear and see the violin too, working against the bird like oscillations from the no in put mixing desk. Tonight’s mix of acoustic against electronic worked really well-Phil’s guitar and voice and Ed’s violin.


Charles’ performance featured a home made Arduino based oscillator-in a vintage clock and hacked Yamaha home keyboard. This was a pretty piece I thought, which hasn’t been a word I’ve associated with Oscilloscope. Or maybe pretty in comparison.


Anyhow, I always find these nights inspiring and I’m looking forward to the next month. 


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