Feedback and an announcement…

Dear All,

Just over 2 weeks ago I put a blog out stating that ‘the original plan was to run OscilloScope for 6 months and see how it went’ and asking people to vote in an online poll, to express their opinion to see if it was something that should carry on. I am genuinely overwhelmed by the level of support we have received through this, the result of the poll being a unanimous ‘yes’.

As a result I am pleased to say that we will be carrying on next year.

Oscilloscope will be running on the last Tuesday of the month for 2017, thanks for all your support and amazing music.

I leave you with the text of the comments that were received which I feel speak for themselves.

Many many thanks all.


  • “Oscilloscope is providing an essential forum for digital arts in North Wales. Composers, Digital Artist, and Performers require the nurture of such an environment, to discuss, reflect and develop their projects so that we can build on an already very vibrant culture as well as a growing community. Oscilloscope in this light is a pioneering venture here in wales.”
  •  “For sure, definitely. So good. Much awesome.
    Very Shiny”
  • “I’ve only been to one and a half of the events so far, so I suppose in a way that’s my level of support. However I would very much like to see it continue because it’s a very good thing, which I would – realistically – attend sometimes.”
  • “I’ve only been to the one most recent event which was excellent, I’d like to see it continued and get involved.”
  • “I’m not sure about whether I ‘Like’ some of the music – but surely that is the point. I can hear bland music everywhere, but something challenging like this should be available, and I like the ability to ask questions at the events. I will continue to attend as long as somebody is prepared to offer this resource. I thought the monthly format would be a problem, but the audience seems to be growing – demonstrating a demand, and a quarterly of bi-monthly format would cause confusion about ‘when’. Whatever happens next I am grateful to have enjoyed a season of Oscilloscope.”
  • “It’s absolutely a good idea. There’s nothing else around that enables you to play and perform without limits in public, and to do so in a relaxed environment. It’s really grown over the last couple of months especially, with a bigger audience and even international musicians! It can only get bigger from here.”



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