September’s Event

Well that was a great night!

We had work from: Hopewell Inc. (Kathy and David Hopewell), Alex Bailey, Me (Ed Wright), Harrison Ridley, Charles Gershom, Huw McGregor and Phil Layton.

There was a real diversity of music ranging from Harrison’s gestural control, which we all got to have a go with over a cuppa through to Huw and Alex’s fixed media pieces, Phil’s AV, Charles’ circuit glitching and the wonderful live feedback/looping created by David and Kathy.

It was also brilliant to see so many new faces in the audience coming to listen and support which really makes a massive difference for everyone. Hopefully you had a good time and want to come along again.

Already looking forward to the next one 🙂


3 thoughts on “September’s Event

  1. Hello Ed. We had a discussion on speakers over tea. Genelec came up. I think mentioned by Huw from Ruthin. But I didn’t get the model
    Number. Do you have Huws email address please. Ed


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