Event 2

Hi all, another month has flown past already and what a month that was! On the Oscilloscope front we had another great evening. While it was not as large as the première evening (which was to be expected really) it was amazingly good which got me thinking… There were 3 individual offerings from: Adam Boyes, Andy Hodges and Ed Wright each trying something new and developing their work and performances.
We started with Andy on the first stage of his ‘secular FM industrial pilgrimage’ this was a fascinating multi layered listen. Equally intriguing was discovering Andy’s methods for writing down/scoring nonstandard key signatures and poly-rhythms which formed the basis of his piece.

adam Next up we had Adam who had a cassette based performance comprising DIY loops and samples run through four tracks and stomp boxes which lead to a really visceral and tangible experience.

13619893_10154364858618524_1953008083881365923_n Lastly Ed live diffused a fixed ‘tape’ composition of his over the speaker array.

All in all it was a really good evening. It could so easily have gone differently as 2 other performers called in sick on the day and yet another was stuck at work, so the event went ahead effectively with half the expected musicians able to make it at the last minute! In-spite of this, the event lasted for over an hour and a half with quality music, great discussion, (great tea and biscuits) and anecdotally performers and audience got a lot out of it. A number of people who were unable to perform last night have already asked to play on 30th August so come along, it’s going to be a bumper one 🙂

The idea behind these evenings is to enable people to develop their skills and work and to encounter new things, this happened in a big way last night, so thanks very much all!


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