Event 1

After last night and the first Oscilloscope event I feel duty bound to put something together 🙂

oscilloscope1 web

Firstly thank you very much to our performers: Simon Proffitt, Charles Gershom, Rob Spaull, and to Alex Bailey and Ninos Grigoriadis for sending in pieces. Thank you also to the wonderful (almost capacity) audience!

There was some amazing music/sound art. It was fantastic to be up close and be able to see the mechanics of how things were played and how they worked, or not in the case of one overheated chip which brought on performance to an abrupt but creatively-cool-conclusion. It was also really nice to see the diversity of music but also instruments on show ranging from the Simon’s octopoidal induction mics through to the ramblings of my electric violin and software, focusing down into circuit bent electronic instruments, down to the fingertip detail of Rob’s iPad work. This interspersed with Alex and Ninos’ ‘tape’ pieces and copious happy chatter and kettle boiling seemed to give a very nice flow to the evening full of high quality music making and discussion.

There was a genuinely nice atmosphere and it was great to see that the idea of doing stuff and nattering about it rather than being either a formal concert or workshop, or for that matter coffee morning actually seems to work.

I’m seriously looking forward to the next one (last Tuesday of next month) and am really happy to say that people are already coming forward and wanting to play/do which is great. If you want to be involved please get in touch or indeed just come along.

Anyway I am going to leave you with this short video montage that Charles Gershom put together from last night captured with a re-purposed drone camera.


Ed Wright


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