Call for Works/ Performers 28.6.16

OscilloScope is a new monthly event based in Bangor (North Wales) focusing on electronic experimental music.

It is set up as a performance and developmental event where composers and artists are encouraged to come and trial new work in front of an audience made up of other creative types and members of the public.

We offer a performance space, use of a pair of speakers, and chance for artists to go out on a limb in a supportive environment and audience members to hear something genuinely new.

We are hoping to get it working with something of an open mic feel to it, in that people can come and perform their work, experiment and explore have some fun and see how things land.

This is also being set up as a monthly event, so hopefully it can build up a regular core of performers, composers and listeners, which in turn could give a bit of a timeline towards creating, demoing, preforming and refining work.

The first event will take place on 28th June at 6pm in The Greenhouse in Bangor

If you are interested in performance slot please email


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